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Consular legalization for Spain

Legalization of document translation at the Spanish Consulate in Ukraine

For Spain, as a rule, for remote regions such as the Canary Islands, Melilla, Galicia, Andalusia, the Spanish state authorities require the presence of the seal of the Spanish Consulate on the document, which indicates that the translation was checked by the consulate staff and recognized as corresponding to the original text.
Please note - the Spanish Consulate only confirms the correctness of the submitted translation! The Spanish Consulate does not make transfers independently.
UST Group legal company will help to translate and legalize documents at the Spanish Consulate in Ukraine. We can offer our clients a certificate of the fidelity of the translation and the fidelity of a copy of the original document at the Spanish Embassy in the shortest possible time!

Cost of services:

Legalization at the Spanish Embassy Urgency Cost
Translation of documents for the Spanish Embassy 3 days 300 UAH
Execution of legalization of documents at the consulate 3 days 1000 UAH
Consular fee for one transfer sheet 950 UAH

Ask for advice - 044-222-59-73.

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