Absence of a corruption offense certificate

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Corruption offense certificate Kyiv

Corruption certificate, Kyiv. What is a Corruption certificate?

Corruption certificate for the tender – a document certifying the absence of a corruption offense in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The certificate is required for participation in public auctions (in the field of public procurement), for uploading to the Prozorro service when preparing the tender documentation.

How long does it take to get Corruption certificate?

Urgency of obtaining a certificateCost
1 working day 1500 UAH
2 working days 1400 UAH
5 working days 350 UAH
8-10 working days 250 UAH

How to get a Corruption certificate in Kyiv?
1) Place an order personally in our office. You must have a copy of your passport and a code.
2) Place an order online: you need to send a request by mail (or via Viber, WhatsApp) with the following data:
- A copy of your passport: 1st, 2nd and page with a residence permit, a copy of the Identification number;
- The term of registration of the certificate;
- Contact phone number.
We will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions.
UST Group legal company will help you get a certificate of corruption for a tender in Ukraine in a convenient way for you and in the shortest possible time. In addition to obtaining an Absence of a corruption offense certificate, UST Group company provides registration services Police Clearance Certificate (MIA) and a certificate of debt to the budget for the tender documentation.

Who can get a Corruption certificate for the tender? How can I issue a certificate without a power of attorney?
A Corruption certificate for tender documentation in Kyiv can be obtained by citizens of Ukraine, representatives of the company if they have a copy of their passport and identification code. To request a Corruption certificate in Kyiv a power of attorney is not required! UST Group company helps to get a Corruption certificate for the tender without being present.

How long is the Corruption certificate for the tender valid?
The expiration date of the Corruption certificate is not established by law and is determined by the tender committee.

UST group company will perform the necessary checks and requests absolutely legal, observing all the rules and regulations. The company also will help you get an Absence of a corruption offense certificate in Kyiv for the tender urgently, without presence.

UST Group company can help you get a Corruption certificate online, so you will get a certificate without leaving your home. Call 044-222-59-73.

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