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Dissolution of a marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine

Legal support for divorce with a foreigner in Ukraine.

UST Group legal company will help you quickly conduct a legal process for the dissolution of a marriage with a foreigner without your presence. We provide full legal support for the divorce process.

How long does it take for a marriage to be dissolved?
The procedure for divorce through the court takes approximately 6-8 weeks (depending on the residence permit). We will help you go through the entire process without your participation and the participation of the second party (a foreign citizen). The dissolution of a marriage with a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine is easier and cheaper than abroad. A citizen of Ukraine has the right to terminate a marriage with a foreigner, regardless of the citizenship of the spouse, their consent to the dissolution of the marriage and the place of residence.

What are the necessary documents for divorce with a foreigner?
• A copy of the passports of the spouses (for a foreigner, a copy of the foreign passport);
• Marriage registration certificate (original);
• Information about the spouse (foreigner).

What is included in the cost of divorce with a foreigner?
• Preparation of the statement of claim and its appendices for submission to the court;
• Translation of necessary documents;
• Payment of the judgment fee;
• Filing a lawsuit in court;
• Participation of a divorce lawyer in a court hearing;
• Obtaining a ready-made document confirming the dissolution of the marriage.

Divorce from a foreigner in UkraineUrgencyCost
Divorce in Kyiv 30 days 25000 UAH
Divorce in Ukraine 35 days 30000 UAH

Respect your time - contact UST Group company and be sure of a qualified solution to your questions.

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