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Duplicates of Ukrainian Marriage Registry Documents

Repeated birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate. Duplicate birth certificate, marriage certificate, maiden name statement.

How and where to get repeated documents of the civil registry office in Ukraine?

Citizens of Ukraine or foreigners in respect of whom a civil status record has been drawn up can obtain a second certificate. Repeated certificates are issued by the civil registry office of Ukraine.

What duplicate documents can I get from the registry office?

You can restore (get a second certificate) any document issued by the Civil Registration Authority (civil registry office):
- birth certificate;
- marriage certificate;
- certificate of divorce;
- certificate of name change;
- extract about changing the surname, premarital surname.

How much does it cost to get a second birth or marriage certificate?

Duplicate Urgency Cost
Kyiv 2 working days 500 UAH
Ukraine 3 working days with power of attorney) 500 UAH
Ukraine 5 business days (without power of Attorney) please specify the price

What do I need to get a duplicate birth or marriage certificate?

To get a second certificate or other documents of the civil registry office, you need to make a power of attorney for our employees, or contact the civil registry office yourself to get a duplicate certificate. In this case, you will need a passport and a paid receipt of state duty.

Who can get a second registry office certificate?

A duplicate birth certificate can be obtained directly independently by the citizen in respect of whom the act record was made, the parents of a minor citizen or authorized representatives, if there is a power of attorney. A second marriage certificate can be obtained by one of the spouses.

How can I restore a Registry Office document issued in another city of Ukraine?

In Ukraine, there is a unified register of registration of acts of civil status. You can get a second birth or marriage certificate at any registry office in Ukraine.

How can I restore a certificate if the registry office with the archive is located in another country?

To restore or re-receive documents from other countries, go to the duplicate documents from abroad page.

How do I prepare Ukrainian documents for use abroad?

All repeated documents of the civil registry office, duplicates of marriage and birth certificates issued on the territory of Ukraine must be legalized (affix an apostille seal or perform consular legalization. For more information about the Apostille press or consular legalization of documents, please visit the Apostille or document legalization pages.

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