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Family reunification visa for Switzerland

Family Reunification Visa Switzerland

Visa based on family reunification to Switzerland. How to apply for such a visa?
First of all, it is worth knowing which are the categories of Swiss citizens it is possible to arrange reunification with:
Immigration to Switzerland is a rather long and exhausting process. It is much more difficult to get a residence permit here than in neighboring countries. Every year new people come here in search of prestigious education, high incomes and comfortable living conditions. But getting a permit for a long stay in the country is not so easy and not everyone gets it.
There are several options that Swiss immigration law provides for a family reunification program. In order to get a visa the right way, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself well and in detail with the preparation of the package of documents and comply with all instructions.

To apply correctly, you need to collect a package of necessary documents:
-  Foreign passport
-  2 visa application forms
-  3 photos
-  Marriage certificate
-  A statement from the bride or groom who lives in England
-  The above application requires an identity card or a permit to stay in Ukraine of your partner
-  Proof of German language knowledge

Many documents require a notarized translation signed by an interpreter into English or German. Our company will easily provide translation of your documents of any type.
Marrying a Swiss resident involves obtaining a temporary residence permit with the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit after 5 years.

To enter the country for the purpose of marriage, a bride/groom visa is issued. Registration takes place exclusively in Switzerland. It is not possible to get married while staying in the country on a tourist visa.
Marriage simplifies the procedure for obtaining citizenship if you have lived in the country for at least 5 years, 3 of which together with your spouse and one immediately before marriage.

Collecting such a package of necessary documents is hard work. The specialists of the UST Group company are professionals in this field and will be happy to help, advise step by step and give a couple of tips to our clients. You can be sure of our professionalism.
-  We have many years of experience in obtaining visas for family reunification;
-  We advise our clients step by step;
-  We save your time;
-  We do all the work on time and inform you;
-  We will provide you with payment and delivery of documents in a convenient way.

Respect your time - contact UST Group company and be sure of a qualified solution to your questions.
Call - 044-222-59-73.

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