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Marriage registration with a citizen of Afghanistan

Registration of marriage with an Afghan in Kyiv "turnkey" in 1 day. Full cycle of services! All inclusive

The wedding day is an important moment in the lives of those who face it. Our company will help you to properly marry a citizen of any country. The ceremony must be held in such a way that it will be remembered for a long time.

Therefore, the preparation for the registration of marriage with your future spouse should be done at the highest level. Starting with the submission of documents of a foreigner to the Migration Service of Ukraine and ending with the affixing of a stamp apostille or with legalization of the certificates you must be prepared to face all the difficulties that may arise in the preparation process.

Initially, you should know what documents are needed for marriage with a citizen of Afghanistan in Ukraine (Kyiv):

For a foreign citizen:
• Foreign passport
• A divorce certificate or a court decision on divorce, if the foreigner was previously married.
For a citizen of Ukraine:
• National passport
• A certificate of divorce or a court decision on divorce, if a citizen of Ukraine was previously married.

How to quickly and correctly sign a marriage with a foreigner in 24 hours?

UST Group will help and tell you about this process in all details, because our company is the best among competitors.

The ceremony will take place in one of the central registry offices of the city of Kyiv. We also give customers the opportunity to choose the right time for them!

How much does it cost to register a marriage with an Afghan citizen:

Registration Urgency Cost
Registration of marriage with a foreigner 1 day 350 Euros

IMPORTANT! In the event that less than 6 months have passed from the date of issue of the passport of a foreign citizen, it is necessary to additionally request a certificate of border crossing from the State Border Service of Ukraine - the period for preparing documents increases by 1 working day.

You can easily verify our professionalism by consulting with us. It’s absolutely free, we will answer all your questions, tell you the necessary information and show you all the nuances.

Respect your time!

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