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Registration of marriage with a foreigner, Europe Registration of marriage with a foreigner, Asia Registration of marriage with a foreigner, America Registration of marriage with a foreigner, Africa Registration of marriage between foreigners in Ukraine

Marriage registration with a citizen of the UAE

To get married with an Emirati in Ukraine in 1 day. Full package of services!

Do you want to marry a foreigner, but you do not know how to prepare, what documents are required for registration and how long it will take?

The best solution would be to contact specialists. Employees of UST Group legal company specialize in issues related to the registration of marriage with a foreigner in a particular country. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

How to start the process of registering a marriage with a UAE citizen in Ukraine?

It’s very simple! We advise and help you to marry a citizen of the country properly in one day! If you come to our office before lunch, it will take only a day to prepare.

The wedding ceremony is held in one of the central registry offices of Kyiv. We give our clients the opportunity to choose a favorable time for them (to register)!

After receiving the ready-made certificates (you will be given 2 documents), we give you the opportunity to affix an apostille, do the consular legalization or the translation of your new certificate. This procedure requires an additional couple of days.

List of documents for marriage with an Emirati in Kyiv:

For a foreign citizen:
• Foreign passport
• A divorce certificate or a court decision on divorce, if the foreigner was previously married.
For a citizen of Ukraine:
• Internal passport
• A certificate of divorce or a court decision on divorce, if a citizen of Ukraine was previously married.

Starting from sending documents to the Migration Service of Ukraine and up to receiving a marriage document already at the registry office, we accompany our clients throughout the entire process, advising so that you don’t worry about anything!

Price of marriage registration with a UAE citizen:

Service Term Price
Marriage with an Emirati 1 day 350 Euros

Employees of UST group company will undoubtedly help and tell you everything about this process, with all the details, because our company is a favorite among the competitors.

IMPORTANT! If a foreign citizen has a fresh personal passport that is less than 6 months old, it will be necessary to issue a certificate of border crossing at the State Border Service of Ukraine - the time for preparing documents increases by one day.

Contact us for a consultation at a comfortable time at 1 of the numbers above or leave a request and we will call you back!

Save your time!

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