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Marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine

Marriage registration with a foreigner in Kyiv.

Registration of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine within 24 hours.
Marriage is an important event in the life of every person. Our company provides a comprehensive registration of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine in 1 day. Officially at the Registrar’s Office. Leave your concerns to professionals! We will prepare all the necessary documents, translations and certificates for a successful marriage at your earliest convenience.

Registration of marriage with a foreigner in Kyiv. Full service! Everything is included: from translation of documents to printing an apostille on the already prepared marriage certificate.
Our company helps to formalize (register) a marriage with a citizen of the USA, England (Great Britain), Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Israel, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, as well as for citizens of all countries.

The service of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine in 1 day includes consultation at all stages of the process, translations with notarization, documents from the migration service for marriage with a foreigner, organization of marriage at the Registrar’s Office, legalization (apostille) of a prepared marriage certificate, consultation on the issuance of a spouse’s visa.

What documents are needed for marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine in 2022?:
• Passport (for both spouses);
• Only for a foreign citizen: certificate (confirmation) from the State Migration Service on the legality of stay on the territory of Ukraine (this certificate is included in the service).
A foreign citizen must be in Ukraine legally.
Attention! Since March 15, 2015, the registration of marriage with a foreigner does not require documents confirming marital status or dissolution of previous marriages.
Marriage with a foreigner is not an easy procedure, employees of the UST Group company are specialists in the field of family law, we have a great experience of marriage with foreigners in Ukraine. Mistakes can lead to a refusal in marriage registration, and your fiancé or bride will have to come to Ukraine several times.

Cost of marriage registration services with a foreigner in 1 day:

Registration Urgency Cost
Marriage registration with a foreigner 1 day 350 Euro

If less than 6 months have passed from the date of issuance of the passport of a foreign citizen, it is necessary to additionally request a certificate on crossing the border with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine - the period of preparation of documents is extended by 1 business day.
Experienced specialists of the UST Group company will:
• advise you on issues related to marriage with a foreigner;
• consult what documents will be needed from the foreign fiancé (bride);
• perform a professional translation of all documents;
• agree the procedure for submission of documents with the Registrar’s Office;
• help you apply for a registration;
• organize a marriage registration at a convenient time;
• provide a legal support in case of any issues during the stay in Ukraine, application and marriage;
• provide advice in English.

If you have any questions concerning how to register a marriage with a foreigner, you can ask them directly to the employees of UST Group company.
Contact us for any advice now at 044-222-59-73.

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