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Re-registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Kyiv

Making changes to the statutory documents is a mandatory procedure for all enterprises, as a result of which all the constituent documents of the company must be brought into compliance after making changes to the charter. The reason for re-registration, for example, may be the need to add or remove a type of activity, change the company name or add its English version, change the legal address, change the general director or a member of the company. All these and other changes can be carried out simultaneously with the re-registration of the company.

The procedure for re-registration of LLC:
The re-registration of LLC is a mandatory procedure for all companies registered on the territory of Ukraine and is carried out by registering changes to the constituent documents. The decision on re-registration of the LLC, approval of the updated charter, the founding agreement is made at the general meeting of the company’s participants.

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