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Nostrification of a diploma

What is the "Nostrification" of a diploma and why is it needed?

If you have successfully completed your studies at a higher institution and received a bachelor’s or master’s degree, then you most likely need to get an official document confirming that your education is genuine. This procedure is called "Nostrification".

Pay attention! Procedures of Nostrification and apostille affixing are not the same things.

What documents can be recognized in Ukraine:

- The procedure of legalization of educational documents is subject to a diploma of any type: higher education, candidate of sciences, academic degree.

- Nostrification is carried out by regional authorities. The State Administration is also a contact point where you can contact.

- Diploma recognition is usually provided by a university that offers a similar curriculum.

The procedure for confirming education documents in Ukraine:

1. Verification of the authenticity of the state form of the educational document;
2. Comparative analysis of educational programs;
3. Providing the applicant with a decision on the recognition of the educational document;

The cost of nostrification of educational documents:

Terms of diploma nostrificationCost
60 working days 4000 UAH
50 working days 4500 UAH
40 working days 5000 UAH

Where to carry out the procedure of legalization of a diploma in Ukraine?

You can carry out the nostrification procedure in Ukraine at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. UST Group legal company will help you prepare all the documents for nostrification in the shortest possible time.

There is also an identical process of nostrification of school certificate about full secondary education.

In order to carry out the procedure of recognition of educational documents, you need:

  • Application for recognition procedure;
  • Original documents;
  • Notarized translations of educational documents;
  • Copies of documents on previous education;
  • A copy of the identity document of the owner of the documents.

Respect your time - contact UST Group company and be sure of a qualified solution to your questions.

Call - 044-222-59-73.

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