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Nostrification of documents in Ukraine

Recognition of educational documents in Ukraine

What is document nostrification?

The process of nostrification of educational documents gives your educational documents legal force on the territory of Ukraine to continue studying or working in a specialty.

The procedure for recognizing foreign educational documents includes verifying the authenticity of documents, confirming the status of an educational institution or educational program, assessing qualifications or the period of study, and establishing the equivalence of an educational or educational-professional degree in Ukraine.

Employees of our company will perform all necessary legal actions, translations of documents.

Education documents obtained outside Ukraine are subject to nostrification

This procedure is important for citizens of Ukraine who have received education abroad, or citizens of other countries who plan to work in their specialty on the territory of Ukraine or continue their studies.

A confirmed foreign diploma or school certificate is accepted by state universities or organizations of Ukraine, or on a par with educational documents of the Ukrainian sample.

The cost of nostrification of educational documents:

Nostrification procedureCost
60 working days 4000 UAH
50 working days 4500 UAH
40 working days 5000 UAH

The order of nostrification of educational documents in Ukraine

• Verification of the authenticity of the state form of the educational document;
• Comparative analysis of educational programs;
• Providing the applicant with a decision on the recognition of the educational document;

After the results of the above-mentioned inspections and examinations, registration is carried out in the database of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a Certificate of recognition of the document on education is issued.

What will it take to nostrify documents?

- Foreign documents issued in the participating countries of the Hague Convention, must be stamped with an apostille.

- The apostille should be affixed to the originals of the document on education and its appendices with grades, and not on their copies or translations.

- Apostille is affixed in that state, where the documents were issued (if the issuing country has not ratified the Hague Convention, the documents must be stamped with consular legalization for Ukraine).

- Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by notarized translations into Ukrainian.

- Diploma translation is made only in Ukraine and certified by a Ukrainian notary.

Where to carry out the nostrification procedure?

You can carry out the nostrification procedure in Ukraine at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. UST Group legal company will help you prepare all the documents for nostrification in the shortest possible time.

In order to carry out the procedure of nostrification of educational documents, you need:

  • Application for recognition procedure
  • Original documents
  • Notarized translations of educational documents
  • Copies of documents on previous education
  • A copy of the identity document of the owner of the documents

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