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Notarized translation of documents

Notarized translation of documents Kyiv, Ukraine

Notarized translation — is the document translation made by a translator in official business style and certified by notary.

Notarized translation proves to you the correctness of the translation of a document, a copy of the document, the authenticity of the translator’s signature from one language to another.

This process is required for to use the translation of the official document issued in a certain country on the territory of a foreign state, or for a similar application of a foreign official document on the territory of Ukraine.

UST Group legal company is engaged in the translation of all types of documents and texts for corporate and private clients, we register it properly and prepare related documents.

A highly qualified team of translators will perform written translations of general texts, as well as special texts:

• business and personal correspondence;
• business documentation (constituent documents, charters, contracts, agreements);
• technical documentation (industry, computer equipment);
• medical documentation;
• scientific and technical texts;
• insurance and banking texts;
Employees of UST Group legal company are not just people with a higher linguistic education.
They are the talented masters of their profession who are able to cope with the most difficult work.
With the help of our accumulated experience, we are happy to offer you the translation of texts of any complexity and subject.

We are ready to make sure that your documents contain only reliable information.

The cost of translation of documents:

The deadline for performing written translations in the usual mode is 1-3 days.

Translation language Cost, UAH. for a standard document* Cost, UAH. for a standard translation page, 1800 characters**
English 70 UAH 80 UAH
German 70 UAH 80 UAH
French 80 UAH 90 UAH
Spanish 70 UAH 80 UAH
Portuguese 80 UAH 90 UAH
Italian 70 UAH 80 UAH
Polish 80 UAH 90 UAH
Greek 100 UAH 110 UAH
Georgian 110 UAH 120 UAH
Armenian 110 UAH 120 UAH
Azerbaijani 110 UAH 120 UAH
Turkish 110 UAH 120 UAH
Romanian/Moldovan 100 UAH 110 UAH
Czech 100 UAH 110 UAH
Bulgarian 110 UAH 110 UAH
Belarusian 100 UAH 110 UAH
Albanian 160 UAH 170 UAH
Croatian 120 UAH 140 UAH
Serbian 120 UAH 140 UAH
Slovenian 120 UAH 140 UAH
Chinese 140 UAH 150 UAH
Korean 140 UAH 150 UAH
Lithuanian 110 UAH 120 UAH
Macedonian 120 UAH 140 UAH
Hebrew 120 UAH 140 UAH
Arabic 125 UAH 140 UAH
Latvian 125 UAH 140 UAH
Dutch/Flemish 120 UAH 140 UAH
Hungarian 110 UAH 120 UAH
Danish 125 UAH 140 UAH
Kyrgyz 120 UAH 140 UAH
Turkmen 120 UAH 140 UAH
Tajik 120 UAH 140 UAH
Finnish 145 UAH 160 UAH
Uzbek 120 UAH 140 UAH
Kazakh 120 UAH 140 UAH
Swedish 125 UAH 140 UAH
Norwegian 125 UAH 140 UAH
Slovak 120 UAH 140 UAH
Urdu 120 UAH 140 UAH
Persian 120 UAH 140 UAH
Japanese 120 UAH 140 UAH
Dari 180 UAH 200 UAH
Indonesian 180 UAH 200 UAH

The cost of translation by an accredited translator at the embassy:

The deadline for performing written translations in the usual mode is 2-4 days.

Translation language Cost, UAH. for a standard document* Cost, UAH. for a conditional page, 1800 characters**
Italian 140 UAH 140 UAH
French 140 UAH 160 UAH
Czech 280 UAH 290 UAH

* Conditional translation page - 1800 characters with spaces according to MS Word statistics.
** Standard documents are certificates (birth, marriage, death, change of surname, divorce, etc.), certificates from the housing office, Police Clearance Certificates, certificates from the bank, etc. and other documents.

Notary servicesCost
Notarization of the translation, one document 85 UAH

If you have any questions, please contact our company for advice - 044-222-59-73.

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