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Obtaining a Debt to the budget of Ukraine certificate

UST Group legal company offers a service for obtaining a debt to the budget certificate for citizens of Ukraine.

The debt to the budget certificate is a document that is issued by the territorial body of the State Fiscal Service, depending on the legal address of the enterprise and confirms the fact of the absence / presence of debts (in the payment of taxes and fees) to the State Budget.

The absence of debt to the budget certificate is valid for 10 days from the date of issue.

This certificate is usually necessary in the following cases:
• for participation in tenders and public procurement competitions
• in court when considering court cases
• for processing bank loans and contracts
• when the company is liquidated
• at the request of the counterparty

In most cases, the successful receipt of the absence of debt to the budget certificate depends on correctly completed documents submitted to the fiscal service bodies. The submission of personal data has a number of features that are unfamiliar to a person who applies for a certificate for the first time.

Documents required for obtaining a certificate:
• Request of the established sample
• Power of attorney for a company representative

Lawyers of UST Group company will independently prepare a package of documents and receive your certificate.

Cost of services:

Urgency of obtaining a certificateCost
6 working days 400 UAH

If you have any questions about the procedure for obtaining a debt to the budget of Ukraine certificate, you can ask them directly to the employees of UST Group legal company or read the information about the certificate of debt provided in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Ask for advice right now by calling 044-222-59-73.

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