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Real estate sales transaction support in Kyiv

Real estate transaction support is a set of measures aimed at protecting the interests of the buyer, ensuring guaranteed ownership of real estate by the buyer.

Support of real estate transactions includes a full check of the property, verification of the owner, collection of all necessary documents, personal control of a competent specialist over the contracts concluded (advance payment, lease, purchase and sale agreement), preparation of contracts, control over the calculations of the transaction.
It is important that the client, even if they are not familiar with the real estate market at all, is reliably protected not only when paying for an apartment, house, room or other property, but also after calculations, during the period of ownership of this property.

What does the real estate transaction support service include?
The complex of legal support of the transaction includes:

• we will select a real estate object that meets the requirements and expectations of the client, we will organize joint viewing;
• we will evaluate the owner’s documents for compliance with the law and sufficiency for conducting the transaction;
• we will offer optimal conditions for conducting transactions and settlements;
• we will conduct negotiations with the counterparty;
• we will prepare a purchase and sale agreement and other necessary documents;
• we will organize the transaction;
• we will ensure the presence of an agent at the conclusion of the contract, during calculations, during the transfer of the real estate object;
• we will submit documents for state registration of the transfer of ownership and receive them.

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