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Registration of limited liability companies in Kyiv

Registration of a LLC (limited liability company) in Ukraine.

LLC is the organizational and legal form of a legal entity founded by one or more participants (founders), whose authorized capital is divided into shares (contributions of the founders), the amount of capital is established in the company’s charter. The founders of an LLC can be individuals and legal entities.

Limited Liability Company - is the most common form of doing business in Ukraine. The participants of the LLC bear the responsibility of the company only within the limits of the authorized capital. It is also allowed to register an LLC with one participant.
UST Group company provides a comprehensive list of LLC registration services in Ukraine (in Kyiv).

The procedure and rules for registering an LLC in Ukraine:
- Choosing the future name of the LLC;
- preparation of the charter (statute) LLC;
- preparation of the protocol (decision) of the participants on the establishment of an LLC;
- selection of types of activities of LLC according to the KVED 2012;
- submission of the necessary set of documents to the state registrar;
- obtaining a certificate from the State Statistics Service;
- registration of an LLC with the tax inspectorate, pension fund, social insurance fund;
- production of a seal (stamp);
- opening a bank account for an LLC.

Documents required for registration of the state registration of an LLC in Kyiv (Ukraine):
- decisions of the founders (protocol) on the creation of an LLC;
- two notarized originals of the charter;
- application for registration of the established sample;
- a copy of the passport and the identification code of the founders for individuals or the decision of the participants from a legal entity;
- a copy of the passport and identification code of the head of the LLC.

The cost of the LLC registration service in Kyiv.

Urgency of LLC registrationCost
3-4 working days 3000 UAH
5-6 working days 2500 UAH
10 working days 2000 UAH

After registering an LLC, you will receive:
- Statement of registration of LLC;
- Information from the Unified State Educational Institution (help from statistics);
- The original Charter;
- Seal of LLC;
- Necessary documents for opening a bank account.

UST Group company will help you to register a LLC in Kyiv. Call 044-222-59-73.

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