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Registration of private entrepreneurs in Kyiv

Registration of Private Enterpreneurs in Ukraine.

Private Enterpreneur (PE) is an organizational and legal form that includes registration at the place of residence of an entrepreneur. It does not require registration of a legal address and the presence of authorized capital.
Opening a PE in Kyiv - is the most common form of doing business. The advantage of the PE is a simplified form of registration and a tax system. The PE independently chooses the type of taxation, depending on the activity.
UST group company provides a comprehensive service for the registration of PE in Kyiv (in Ukraine).

The cost of the PE registration service in Kyiv.

Urgency of PE registrationCost
1-2 working days 1000 UAH
3-5 working days 800 UAH

Additional services are paid for when registering the PE:
- notary services, power of attorney - 450 UAH;
- state registration - 100 UAH;
- printing order - 300 UAH.

Which single tax group should I choose?
The 1st group is used extremely rarely: it is possible to provide only household services for the population and the turnover should be no more than 150 000 UAH per year.
The 2nd group is suitable for PE whose profit does not exceed 1 000 000 UAH.
The 3rd group of single tax weavers for PE who plan to provide services for legal entities and the turnover should not exceed 3 000 000 UAH.

Procedure and rules for PE registration in Ukraine:
- Selection of types of activities according to the KVED-2012;
- Preparation of documents for registration of the PE;
- Choosing the optimal tax system;
- Registration of the PE in the local state administration;
- Registration of the PE with the tax inspectorate and the Pension Fund;
- Obtaining ready-made documents for the work of the PE.
- Printing (if necessary);
- Opening a bank account for the PE.

Documents required for registration of the state registration of the PE in Kyiv (Ukraine):
- A copy of the passport and identification code;
- Application for state registration of the PE;
- A power of attorney for the registration of a PE for the registration service and the tax inspectorate.

After registering an LLC, you will receive:
- extract from the register on the registration of the PE;
- registration of a tax payer and registration in the pension fund;
- print the PE;
- bank account;
- certificate of a single tax payer;
- the book of accounting for the income of single tax weavers, registered with the tax inspectorate.

UST Group company will help you to register a PE in Kyiv. Call 044-222-59-73.

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