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Technical certificate on an apartment

Technical certificate is a document that is issued by a state body, namely the Technical Inventary Bureau (TIB). A technical certificate is issued for a capital construction object. The certificate contains all the necessary technical information about the property.

You can get a technical certificate for an apartment or an apartment building as a whole, for a private house, for non-residential premises. It describes in detail all the technical characteristics of the object, namely: its area, if it is a house, then the number of floors, if it is an apartment, then on which floor it is located, the inventory number and inventory cost, the technical condition of the object, all available engineering communications, the purpose of the room or the whole building are prescribed.

Why is it necessary to issue a technical certificate and the terms of its production?
• for a notary when entering into an inheritance, when it comes to the division of property;
• to legalize redevelopment;
• when selling an apartment;
• for the recognition of the right to own property, for the court;
• to determine the total area of the property;
• for accurate calculation of utility bills, since they are calculated based on the area of the room;
• for the privatization of a house or apartment;

List of documents required for issuing a technical passport:
• passport of Ukraine;
• title documents for a house or apartment;
• written application;
• payment of the state fee.

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